Female Power Coaching
The 1 on 1 coaching experience.

Get rid of your negative self image, create new habits and a positive mindset.

Stop standing in your own way and quit letting fears and insecurities determine your life.
Yes, I want to change my life!


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You feel:

Less joy in your life 
Insecurities and fears
Worries and overthinking
Tiredness and lack of effieciency
Something is missing in your life



You want:


Motivation and Energy
Less stress
Feeling fitter and healthier
A positive mindset




Josephine Becker

I coach women, who want to get more out of their life.
I struggled with my own insecurities, fears, doubts and was unhappy. Although I learned a lot due to bad times, they should not be permanent.

Today I am 29 years old, health coach, consultant and have a business in the field of education. I have a masters degree in management, am a certified nutrition coach and fitness trainer.

I'd really love to help you leveling up your life.



Overcome low self-esteem and learn to love your body. Together we work on fears of failure and negative judgement.
We create a positive mindset and new habits, which help you to achieve your goals.
You learn to let go of old patterns and negative thoughts and you build a healthy relationship with yourself.
The coaching includes themes like time management, stress reduction, self-worth, health, self-care and habits in balance with your needs.
You will have 2 weekly 1:1 Zoom meetings with me and one year access to my online video courses about the above mentioned topics. During the 8 week program I am also supporting you via E-Mail or telephone.

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